Monday, October 4, 2010

Tell Me Your Secrets

Currently more than 10,000 people worldwide are participating in the Sketchbook Project. It feels exciting to be part of a community this big! (And a little bit scary too... What if my sketchbook is the least interesting/professional/colourful/edgy/creative? What if people find out i don't know what gesso is?)  

The project finishes in the new year, (2011, so futuristic-sounding) and then all those sketchbooks will be on tour. People all over the US will be able to visit the sketchbook library and flip through someone other people's books. (It would be like opening a little trapdoor and taking a peek inside someone's head).

I noticed that Jess from Maken Art had put dares in her book for her readers. I decided to pose some questions in mine. After making my Sorry I Forgot to Call page I asked: Who have you forgotten to call? What would you say?

And following from my mixtape picture, I asked, Who would you like to make a mixtape for? What songs would you put on it?

I made little envelopes so that people can post their secrets to me. But, if you can't follow the sketchbook tour, you can post your secrets to me in the comments below. Don't be shy.

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  1. Hey lady. Lurve your blog. You are the coolest mum I know.
    You will soon know what songs I'd put on a mixed tape as I just sent you one (sorry to spoil the surprise). I haven't made one for at least a decade and I found it an enjoyable, consuming and sometimes stressful process choosing the songs from my meagre "newish" music collection and rearrangning the order to create the right "flow". It's rock to electronic to alternative/folk to pop and then a dark Massive Attack finish. A mixed bag but hopefully you find some gold in there. Enjoy! xx