Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Chocolate Habit

There are a few things in life I find it difficult to say no to, champagne and brie being two of them, but chocolate is the only thing I crave on a daily basis. And when I say 'crave' I don't just mean I have the fleeting thought "Mmmm, I wouldn't mind some of that tasty goodness right about now." It's more like "If I don't get some of that chocolatey action in the next half hour things are going to go badly for all parties."

I know it's all about willpower and self-control. Turns out I don't have much in the way of those qualities. Lately I gave in to my cravings and got myself a hardcore chocolate habit. 100 grams a day of Lindt Extra Creamy. I wasn't quite at the stage of having to sell my booty on the street but I knew it wasn't doing me any good either. So this one is really an apology to myself:

The soundtrack for today's post is Amy Winehouse's Rehab. Because I think I might need to go there.

What can't you live without? Got any cravings?


  1. I hear ya but I'm way more indiscriminate. Cake, bickies, ice-cream work for me too. I'm currently one of the 50% of the 40% so my soundtrack would have to be a love-gone-wrong-song. Maybe U2's With or Without You or Roberta Flack's Killing Me Softly with His Song. Emphasis on softly!

  2. Hey, you're breastfeeding Rach. Anything goes!

  3. I have eaten a bowl of Sara Lee chocolate ice-cream almost every night since I was about 6 months pregnant with Beau, making that a cool 8 months worth (and countless tubs) of ice-cream consumption. Thank god for breastfeeding!