Thursday, October 7, 2010

sorry i forgot your birthday...every year

I have known my dear friend Sally since I was seven years old. I remember us watching the video of the movie 'Cocoon' the first time I went to her house. I couldn't look at her because I didn't want her to see that I was crying - turns out she was doing the same thing. (We both love to cry).

Sally is one of the most organised people I have ever met. In all the years I have lived in Australia (she lives in the UK) she has never, not once, forgotten my birthday. Her card always arrives on time. I appreciate this so much. And yet, I somehow can't manage to reciprocate. I am ashamed to say that I miss her birthday almost every year. It is not that I forget her birthday. Nope. I know her birthday without even having to think about it: January 2nd. But it always gets sucked into the vortex of Christmas and before I can say Happy New Year! I realise I have once again neglected to send her a card. I'm going to keep trying. In the meantime, I made her a 'perpetual card' in my sketchbook.

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