Friday, September 10, 2010

Sorry I Forgot to Practise

As a very small child I pestered my mum relentlessly to let me learn piano. Once the lessons began, however, and I discovered the horror of PRACTISING, I spent the next ten years pestering my mum to let me give up.

I don't think I had much ear for the piano but every now and again I still enjoy knocking out an appalling rendition of Against All Odds (for my ears only) and I'm glad now that my mum made me persevere. 

I hope one day Harper might learn to play a musical instrument (not-so-secretly, I would rather he be creative than sporty) and if he does, I hope he won't give me such a hard time about having to practise as I gave my mum.

Today's soundtrack is Jenny Wilson's Only Here for the Fight, because it has the most outrageously jumping piano riff. Harper and I have been busting out some hot moves to this lately.

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