Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sorry I Forgot to Call

I've been out on the town a couple of times lately and after one too many cool beverages, neglected to call my good husband to tell him a) where I was and b) what time I might be stumbling home. I've always been pretty irate if he stays out until 4am and forgets to call me so I've had to eat a little bit of humble pie, which is not all that scrumptious.

I found a diagram of an old-fashioned telephone in an illustrated encyclopaedia I bought from the opp shop recently (who knew there were carbon granules inside the mouthpiece?) so I made him an apology note. Alas, he won't get to keep it, because I'll be sticking it into my sketchbook.

Because I love lift-the-flap books, I folded it in half and glued it to a page from an old diary, with a zany illustration which has always suggested communication to me. 

 As you can see, I also got stuck into a bit of Japanese masking tape which I bought from Zakka Box in Mount Lawley I'm pretty enamoured with that stuff. I'd like to mummify someone in it.

The soundtrack for this post is Blondie's Call Me. Because you really should.


  1. Ooh, why have I not seen your blog until now? I'm loving your work!

  2. This artwork looks so beautiful, Bella. Who couldn't forgive you for not calling?