Friday, September 10, 2010

Donut Brain

Like many women, I became pretty forgetful during my pregnancy. I assumed my memory would return to normal after the birth of my son. When it didn't, I assumed this was another one of those non-benefits of motherhood that everyone knows but no one talks about (like how you slightly pee your pants if you sneeze vigorously - love that one). What I didn't find out until quite recently is that memory can also be affected by depression. To compound the problem, forgetfulness can also be a side-effect of some anti-depressant medication.

My mum always says of my dad, "He's got a brain like a sieve." The triple whammy of pregnancy, followed by post-natal depression, followed by an anti-depressant medication which didn't quite agree with me turned my brain into a donut. No mesh of tiny holes through which tiny insignificant pieces of information fell; mine had a great gaping black hole into which was sucked a multitude of things I really wanted to remember. It was frustrating. It was bewildering. It was scary.

In light of my amnesiac phase, the theme Sorry I Forgot You seemed particularly pertinent for me. And now that I've found a medication that works for me, I can laugh about the time I forgot the phone number of the house I had lived in for 3 years. So I made a collage to commemorate my donut brain and all the things that fell through the hole.

Don't you just love the look of those assorted donut gift trays? A box set of fat and sugar bombs, decorated with E numbers - who could resist?

The soundtrack for this post is Rufus Wainwright's Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk - seems like donuts should be able to find a place on his list of less-than-wholesome cravings.

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